Theanna Zika: President of Heavenly Helpers Senior Home Care

Making a Difference As the President of Heavenly Helpers Senior Home Care, I am committed to providing a unique and valuable service that makes a difference in the lives of others. I started Heavenly Helpers with the intent of providing non-medical in-home assistance to clients ranging from the elderly to those living with disabilities. My company offers assistance with day-to-day activities that our clients may have difficulties completing, such as meal preparation, personal hygiene routines, and shopping. Most importantly, Heavenly Helpers offers seniors an opportunity to form meaningful relationships and derive enjoyment from rewarding companionship. My extensive screening process includes a comprehensive background and qualifications check. Jobs of this nature require a certain kind of individual – caring and compassionate, as well as skilled. For each candidate, I have to ask myself an important question: would I hire this person to care for my own parents? A “yes” answer indicates that that person would be a good fit for our team. I would never hire any person to care for others if I would not hire them for my own loved ones. In addition to developing my team, I take pains to match each caretaker up with our clients. Taking into account each client’s wants and needs, I endeavor to find a caretaker whose personality and background will best suit them. I encourage our clients to meet with the caregiver prior to beginning services to ascertain whether personal chemistry will allow the relationship to work.


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